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Double Ferrule Fitting

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    Single / Double Ferrule Fittings supplier & Stockist in Mumbai

    The basic general stainless steel ferrule tube fitting is a 4 piece fitting set comprising of a nut, back ferrule, front ferrule and the body. With the addition of tubing at the time of installation, it becomes a 5 piece solid sealed connection.

    Double Ferrule Tube Fittings is a four piece Fitting consisting of the Nut, the Back Ferrule, the Front Ferrule and the Body. When installed, it becomes a five-piece connection with the addition of the tubing providing a solid leak free joint.

    DIN 2353 Standard Series Overview

    The DIN 2353 metric fittings come in three distinct series for tube port end connections: tube-to-tube, tube-to-female port, and tube-to-male thread. These fittings are categorized into three pressure series—LL, designed for Extra Light tasks with low-pressure demands; L, suitable for Light applications involving medium pressure; and S, crafted for Heavy use in high-pressure scenarios. Identification involves assessing the thread size, pitch, and the external diameter (OD) of the tube.

    Comparable to other compression-style fittings, DIN 2353 fittings comprise of a body, a cutting ring (ferrule), and a nut. The applications of DIN connections span various domains, including tube fittings, alternating valves, banjo and swivel couplings, as well as check and non-return valves.

    The versatility of DIN 2353 fittings is amplified by the array of configurations and threaded connections available, catering to a wide spectrum of connection requirements. These metric fittings without flares are globally recognized as the most extensively utilized bite-type fittings. The mechanism involves the body, cutting ring (ferrule), and nut, with no reliance on O-rings or elastomeric elements for sealing. Instead, the ferrule’s two cutting edges grip the tube’s outer surface, ensuring a secure seal capable of withstanding high operational pressures and intense vibrations.

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